Surf Kelowna founders Bob and Lewis Vaughan are pioneers of the sport of

wakesurfing in the Okanagan area. The father and son duo have more than

15 years trial and error on getting the best surf wake possible. We have

perfected the easiest way to teach people with or without watersport experience

how to feel the rush of surfing without an ocean. We use fun and laid back

teaching techniques that have people leaving with a huge smile on their face.







We are lucky enough to be affiliated with Seca Marine who makes sure we

get into a brand new Tige boat every year. We are currently running a Tige RZX3,

which is Tige's flagship boat in their lineup. Tige Boats are known for their beautiful

interiors and perfect adjustable surf wakes. From beginner to pro, steep or mellow

we can customize the wake to your liking. Weighing around 6,000lbs plus around 4,000lbs

of hidden ballast, the size and push of the RZX3 wake will make it easy for anyone to let go

of the rope and ride the endless wave forever.


Surf Kelowna is run on Wood Lake out of Turtle Bay Marina located 15 minutes north

of Kelowna, British Columbia. Connected to Wood Lake is Kalamalaka Lake voted one

of the most beautiful lakes in North America due to it's bright green colors. The Okanagan

Valley is known for it's lakes, mountains, dry climate and hot summers. Approximately a 4

hour drive from Vancouver and a 6 hour drive from Calgary.